Ancient Aliens

   Let me get my tinfoil hat real quick before I start… That’s better. I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for aliens but I just can’t resist doing another post on them. I am fascinated with conspiracy theories, aliens, paranormal stuff, and even cryptozoology. So it’s probably no surprise that I became a witch.Continue reading “Ancient Aliens”

Crystals to Make You Feel LIKE A BAD BITCH!!

   We live a pretty critical world: “Look like this.” “Eat this.” “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Have you tried Viagra?” These aren’t even half the things we are fed every day. Then when you add the stresses of life in there everything gets kind of sad. So many of us get in a funk forContinue reading “Crystals to Make You Feel LIKE A BAD BITCH!!”

Eclectic Witchcraft

   With the mass spiritual awakenings of 2020 there are many new witches on the scene trying to find their crowd. While I don’t necessarily like labeling my fellow divine beings, as humans we love to be able identify with something. So if you can’t find a name or group to identify with then you’re probablyContinue reading “Eclectic Witchcraft”

Astral Projection

   Have you ever had a dream where you woke up in your house but then you could see yourself asleep in the bed? You just astral projected. We actually astral project every time we dream, we just don’t know it or remember. Consciously astral projecting can be a very fun and interesting thing to experimentContinue reading “Astral Projection”

Money-making Malachite

   Malachite is a beautiful green money maker crystal. If you want to attract prosperity while balancing your heart chakra, then malachite is for you. Not only is it good for the mind, soul, and material world but it is also pretty. A tumbled malachite has beautiful, hypnotic, green swirls covering it. Then the raw stoneContinue reading “Money-making Malachite”