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How the World Works

   Do you ever feel like you need some kind of cheat code for life? Or you just don’t know how to get where you want to be? You may be accidentally self sabotaging yourself by working against the universe. This human life is a lot like a video game without a practice level. In orderContinue reading “How the World Works”

When the Fat Bowl Sings

   Singing bowls are a very beautiful and effective way to incorporate music into your meditation practice. There is a bowl for every frequency and the vibes they put out are immaculate. Singing bowls are rising in popularity due to meditation becoming a more mainstream practice and I am here for it.    A singing bowl isContinue reading “When the Fat Bowl Sings”

What’s the Tea?

Although this blog is called “The Coffee Witch” witches are known for drinking tea. I am not the biggest tea drinker but there are some that I just like. We witches drink a lot of tea because many have spiritual benefits but it  is also really good for you. So even if a tea isn’tContinue reading “What’s the Tea?”

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